1. Get Started

Sign Up

Go to WordPress.com to sign up. You’ll need to choose a User Name, Password, as well as an initial name for your WordPress.com site.

Once you have purchased the $99 Pro bundle upgrade, you can then “map” your website domain to point to your WordPress.com account (e.g., make it so that yournonprofitname.org “maps” to your WordPress.com site named yournonprofitname.wordpress.com).


Choose from any of the hundreds of themes available. Experiment with settings until you have a look that supports your organization’s established visual identity.

I encourage you to look for themes that support both a “Responsive Layout” and the “Accessibility Ready” feature. A responsive theme ensures that your site will adjust to display properly on tablets (such as the iPad) and smartphones. And an accessibility ready theme help you create a site that everyone can use.


WordPress lets you permit multiple people to create, edit and delete content on your site. You add users by “inviting” them to contribute. Users can be assigned a role of:

  • Editor: can publish / edit / delete anyone’s content
  • Author: can publish / edit / delete their own content
  • Contributor: can edit their posts until published by an editor

I recommend that nonprofit organizations have two administrators for each site.


Look through all of the options in the General, Reading, Discussion and Sharing menus.


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